Frequently asked questions

How many hours does the rental fee include, and is there an overtime fee if I stay longer?

• Rental fee typically includes 4 hours, and we can add additional hours.

How much is the deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable?

Deposit is 30% of the total invoiced amount and is refundable up to 2 months prior to your event. If its anything covid related. . . Specified in contract, you will have up to 2 weeks to cancel.

What's the payment plan for the entire bill?

We typically take payments in full prior to the start date of the event but can definitely be flexible on payment terms.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and credit, chq, e transfer. We do charge 3% on card payments above $3,000

Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party?

There is not a dedicated space for changing but we might be able to allocate a space, it wouldn’t be the most practical location but can work if you absolutely require one!

Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware provided, or will I have to rent them myself ?

For all inclusive events all of the above is included. For venue and food only events all of the above excluding the linen and formal napkins are included!

Can I bring in a cake from an outside baker or do I have to use a cake made on site? Is there a cake-cutting fee?

There is no cake cutting fee and you are more than welcome to bring an outdoor vendor.

Are there staff hired and available to make the day seamless?

We operate as a regular day to day restaurant, so all staff is onsite and ready to go and answer any questions! This is a great advantage as our staff is highly trained and educated and are extremely familair with Amaleena!

Can I move things around or do I have to leave everything as is?

When the event is set to take place, we have a strict rule that nothing be rearranged.

Do you offer on-site coordination?

We always have a certified wedding planner onsiteto ensure the smoothness of the event regardless of whether you bring one or not!

Are we obligated to use your set photographer/ DJ etc or can we chose our own?

You are not obligated to use any of our services but that does not change the price of the all inclusive priced events!

Do you have a sound system and/or microphones for speeches?

The DJ includes a full QSC sound system set-up, 2 speakers, 2 subwoofers, with a wireless microphone for your disposal.

Is there parking on site and if so, is it complimentary?

Over 100 available parking spots.

How many restrooms are there?

There are 2 stalls in the women’s, 1 in the men’s with 2 urinals.

Is the site handicap accessible?

We do not have an automatic door but the venue is definitely easily accessible

Is this a restaurant or a venue?

We offer the best of both worlds! We operate as a day to day restaurant and as a private venue for clients interested in booking with us!